About us

Our History

MISSO works to facilitate enduring relationship with professors, alumni, and professionals. The resources available to our members are invaluable as students conduct their studies and in their future as IT Professionals. As you build the foundations of your academic pursuits through the University of Houston as a student, membership in MISSO will build upon that foundation and establish your professional networks.


Our goal is to gather like-minded individuals interested in business and technology to create an environment where members can make friends and tackle classes together all while pursuing their career goals.


We envision a world where students can enjoy their life in college all while having the confidence and security to go out and secure an occupation afterwards. We are committed to success of our members and ensure they have every means necessary to see their aspirations come true.


Our values include Camraderie, Perseverance, Integrity. We hold these values to its upmost importance as a way to help develop our members for a successful career.


Mission Statement

The Management Information Systems Student Organization aims to put each member in the best position to succeed as students at the University of Houston. We do this by providing an atmosphere of fellowship and scholarship in learning, while partnering with employers in mutually beneficial relationships to help jump-start careers. MISSO believes in actualizing academic pursuits with real world professional development. We’ve been working to create successful professionals since 1982 and work diligently everyday to continue this legacy of excellence by developing the future one student at a time.

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