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We greatly value our sponsors’ feedback and constantly adjust to accommodate their needs and recommendations. Sponsoring MISSO allows your organization to grow and connect with students early in their professional careers.

Sponsoring MISSO is a small investment on your part that will yield great hires for your company. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Logo & Link Placement On MISSO Homepage, E-Brochures, And Sponsorship Website

Promotional Company Logo Placement On MISSO Merchandise

Recognition In MISSO Orientation And In The Weekly Member Electronic Newsletter (500+)

Recognition On Our Social Platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)

Recognition At End-Of-Semester Banquet

Guaranteed Virtual/In-Person Professional Meeting Or Professional Development Workshop

Guaranteed Free Recruiting Spot At The MISSO Career Mixer

Semester/Annual/Post-Professional Meeting Reporting On Partnership Impact

Priority Selection For Professional Meeting Or Workshop Date(s), in respect to sponsorship tiers, starting with diamond

Full Access To MISSO Member Resumes *Upon Request*

Career Mixer – “Prime”/Center Table

Access To Customized Student Interest Pipeline *Upon Request* (Survey Results After Professional Meetings)

Coordination of one (1) Off-site Private Recruiting Event – Ex: Company/Office Site Tour In Substitution Of A Professional Meeting *Upon request*

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