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With your departure from both the University of Houston and MISSO as a student member, we invite you to join our alumni association. By continuing your relationship with our organization, you will be able to retain access to our network of hundreds of professionals in various careers from tech consulting to software engineering, financial services and more. Aside from this, as a member of our Alumni Association, you will be invited to highly anticipated events such as Mentorship Mixer or Alumni Mixer where you will be able to give back to our organization as well as gain appreciation for your successes.

MISSO Mentorship

Mentoring for MISSO is a fulfilling experience that allows alumni or upperclassmen to give back to the organization! It allows you to share your expertise, develop your skills, derive satisfaction from helping others, and expand your professional network, all while making a meaningful impact on someone’s life and career within our network.

MISSO Alumni Mixer

The MISSO Alumni Mixer invites you to an evening of engaging networking and meaningful connections. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate shared experiences and expand your professional circle. Whether you’re a current member, recent graduate, or seasoned alumnus, this event is tailored for you. Join us to share your success stories, exchange valuable career advice, and stay informed about the latest developments in our community.

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