MISSO Fall 2022


    • Active in at least 1 committee
    • Attended the MISSO Career Mixer
    • Attended at least 1 PM & 1 Workshop
    • Attend the MISSO Banquet on December 9th, 2022!

You can attempt as many of the scholarships prompts as you desire.

All scholarship submissions are to be emailed to [email protected] no later than Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

What are some of your favorite benefits gained out of MISSO this semester? These can include things such as scoring an internship, improving your resume, or even making a new friend. Elaborate on the benefit(s) you identify, and include some ways you think members of future semesters can better benefit through MISSO. (maximum 500 words)

What are some things you found lacking this semester and the corresponding improvements you believe MISSO should implement next semester to better serve its members? (maximum 500 words)

Examine the MISSO MEMBER APP and suggest any improvements you’d like to see made. Format it as a user story (e.g. “as a user when I click on this button, I expect it to do or see XYZ”). Furthermore, you can include ONE new feature you’d like to see added, just make sure to elaborate on the idea thoroughly. Finally, you have to create some sort of media displaying or demoing your improvement(s) and possibly new features.

In any easily accessible media format (image, video, gif, etc.), create a meme related to MISSO. The topic can range from your own personal experiences to MISSO’s overall goal, and anything in between. Be creative!